Bbwtodate is an online dating website for meeting naughty BBW singles. One thing to notice on the hompage is the watering effect. When I move my mouse cursor, the area around the cursor will get clear. When I move the cursor out of the area, the area will get back to haziness.

Here is the registration. A valid email address is needed. Bbbwtodate will ask for an email verification code before I am allowed to get access.

After I enter the verification code, I can get into the site. The landing page is a search. Because Bbbwtodate only allows me to search through local profiles within 100 kilometers, I cannot find any local lady in the result. I am sad because I am the only one in my area and denied the access to date BBW beauties in other areas.

Here is the Flircast. It says I can send a message to all members. I try it and get an alert saying "Your Flirtcast will be sent shortly". Also on this page I can check notifications when my profile is viewed and when I receive a request or a new message or a wink.

Here is the pricing packages.

Editor's Opinion:
Bbbwtodate is innovative in designing and creating. Although I might need some time to learn how to use the site, I appreciate their efforts.

The site has a very low Alexa ranking. It means that the site is quite inactive. You will have less chance to find a good match with the site.

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