is a renowned international dating website for 100% free. Today I am going to review this great site once again.

The homepage looks the same for years. I am wondering why they don't want to make the page more attractive.

The registration contains two pages. I finish them in 1 minutes quickly because I am professional.

Now let us look what is inside. I am not surprised to find the inside pages are still simple and plain. And I notice there are ads displays on each page. As a free dating website, ads is the main source of income. So it is OK with me.

The search is simple too. There are only 4 options to filter through members for matches. Wouldn't it be better if more options being added?

I can play the Let's Meet. I am presented one profile for one time. If I like her, click Yes. I played this game in many websites. Frankly I have no interest in this game. Possibly this idea comes from Chatroulette.

On the profile page I can leave messages to the owner fore free. I message some female members and get no reply from them. I don't know why.

Datehookup forum looks like to be the most active feature on the site. When I get into the each category, I find the forum is not so active as it looks.

Editor's Opinion:
If you have a lot of free time and don't want to spend a dim, Datehookup is a good choice. As the site is losing in the market, your chance of finding a good match on Datehookup is becoming less and less.

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