Attention: OKcupid.com claims to be "the best free dating site on Earth". Actually the claim  is not 100% true. 

I think many of you have heard of and even used Okcupid.com.

The registration is short and simple. A valid email is required for verification.

Now I am inside. The styling and layout is nice and comfortable. I can easily find what I want.

Here is the search. There are many options to fine tune the result.

On a user profile I can check the matching score with the user. I can click Like and/or leave a message. The user will be notified that I have visited the profile, like or message him/her.  To check who likes me and visit me, I need to upgrade my membership. But messaging is free. I recommend using messaging as a main method to interact with your matches.

Here is the pricing page. I have to say the prices are quite cheap!

Okcupid has a 27/7/365 monitoring system which is watching for suspicious activities from members. So I feel safe and secure with Okcupid.

Editor's Opinion:
Okcupid is one of best online dating websites. If you are single, you should give Okcupid.com a try.

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