Onluxy is "the #1 online millionaire dating site for rich, wealthy and beautiful singles. We will help you to find the most Attractive, Wealthy and Desirable people online."

The signup is quite. I love short ones.

Now I am inside the site.

This is a user profile.

The owner does not provide much information. She got a bachelor degree in science and works as an art director. It is interseting. The profile does not tell when she logged in for the last time.

To send flower or black messages, I need to upgrade my membership.

This is the events. I cannot view the full detail of each without downloading an app.

This is the topics. An app is required to view the full details.

This is the coin game. I need to buy coin if I want to play. Do I want to play?

Editor's Opinion
I don't know in which aspect the site is No.1. And the site does not tell where the title comes from. Instintively I feel a little bit of suspicion with those girls who are so great and gorgeous. So my suggestion is be careful if you decide to give it a try.

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