How to creat a good online dating profile

How to creat a good online dating profile

September 10, 2019

More than half of all new relationships are created via an online dating site. Yet for some persons dating sites still have a doubtful image. Some people have been going through life as single for years, but avoid dating sites because they think they are for losers. Nonsense! The use of a good and reliable dating site has many advantages. This way you can search in detail for a partner that really suits you based on your search preferences. You can also talk to other singles without first giving your telephone number or e-mail address. You also keep your anonymity until you decide to meet someone in person.

Dating sites are becoming increasingly varied

The big advantage is that dating sites are becoming increasingly popular. This way you can get to know a lot of people you might never have met in daily life. Because they simply live in a different city or because they don't visit the same cafes and clubs as you. For example, you can choose a free dating site - which is very accessible - or you can choose a paying site where everyone takes their dating seriously. In addition, sites with paid membership are also more inclined to invest time and effort in tracing and blocking fake profiles, profiles that abuse, and others that have time differences.

pimp your dating profile

Do you not yet know exactly how to turn your dating profile into a success? No problem! Change your profile photo regularly: With this you show different sides of yourself, but also shows that you are very active on the site.

Make a good profile text: Well, although you are not a professional author or marketer, nevertheless it pays to think carefully about how you describe yourself on your profile. Also don't start your text with a list of character traits, preferences or hobbies, but rather try to trigger the other with traits or statements that make you truly unique.

Keep it short: nobody reads through lengthy profile texts, and after all you still have enough time to get to know each other better.

Present your profile to a friend: 'He or she can do a double check for you and see if your dating profile is attractive enough, whether the most important (positive) points about you are highlighted in the profile text, and whether your photo really matches. with reality. It is definitely not advisable to use that one snapshot with your model look that you actually do not look like. 

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