Pros and Cons for online dating

Pros and Cons for online dating

September 9, 2019

Online dating has advantages but also disadvantages as is the case with almost everything. Because it is so popular, many people only see the benefits and not the disadvantages. People who think the disadvantages are too big prefer to do it in the traditional way, for example by being introduced by a friend to another. What are the pros and the cons for online dating?

Convenience and accessibility

Online dating is available wherever and whenever you want. You can log in to a dating site at any time of the day. This is possible from the couch with your tablet if you have nothing to do in the evening but also with your mobile from the beach on a sunny day. The possibilities are endless. You can make contact with other singles at any time of the day via the dating sites. The convenience and availability are major benefits for online dating.


It is also much faster than the traditional way. The contact through other people is not nearly as fast. People are asked back and forth if there is interest, which takes a lot of time. If it comes to a date then there is always the chance that it does not click or that you are not each other's type. With online dating you make the first contact faster and it is therefore also possible to have several contacts at the same time.

Better matches

Another big advantage of online dating are the better matches. Because there are more singles, you can search for singles that have certain characteristics that you like or that suit you well. There is a greater chance that the person will suit you. You have also been speaking with the single for a longer time before you agree. You already have a good idea of ​​what the other person likes and dislikes.

The click

The biggest disadvantage of online dating is that it is not personal. You do not know immediately whether there is a click. You usually only notice this at the first meeting. It is also always questionable whether the person resembles the photos. The person can also come across differently while sending messages than in real life. For example, the person can be very shy while noticing while sending messages. This can ensure that the person can disappoint in real life and does not meet your expectations.

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