Three Tips to Ensure Safe Online Dating

Three Tips to Ensure Safe Online Dating

September 10, 2019

Online dating is very popular nowadays. A lot of people meet their partners online. Although creating a profile online and getting to know people is very easy, you don't even have to leave your seat, it also involves a lot of dangers. It is important to handle online dating well and safely. In this article we will discuss three tips which you can take into account to ensure safe online dating. 

Placing Personal Information Online 

When you start dating online and create a profile, it is often tempting to pin down your entire life story on your profile. The more someone knows about you, the more certain you know that that person is really interested in you, right?

Yes, but of course there should also be a click when you see each other. Putting too much personal information online can also lead to less positive experiences. This way, people can easily look up your Facebook profile, follow you on Instagram or even find out your address. Although the majority of people on online dating websites do not have bad intentions, make sure you are safe against the 0.01% that may not have it.

Is your date a Faker? 

Of course it is not nice to meet up with someone and then find out that the person in question posed online as someone else. To meet someone safely, you first have to look for red flags. If there are no "red flags", you can arrange a date with confidence.

First of all, it's best to check whether the photos on the profile are actually real. You can use programs such as google reverse image search for this. If you are not sure you can also ask for a tag. That is a message like your name on a piece of paper that is then on a photo with his or her face.

If you see little or no photos or if he or she does not want to participate in a video call, you can assume that he or she is not what he or she says that they are.

Let someone know where you will meet your date

Always let a friend know where you are, what you do and with whom you meet. Optionally even give the telephone number of the person in question. That way you always have a safe feeling and someone is on hand when something goes wrong.

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